Mad Mischief is the haunting tale of Sarah – a woman struggling with the self-absorbed behavior of her husband and their erratic safari guide, the unscrupulous actions of a Nairobi shopkeeper, and the enigmatic behavior of a world-renowned photographer who inexplicably appears when she is in desperate need of a guardian angel.​
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The Author

Susan St. John

What do The Universal Studios Tour, Yosemite National Park, the world of finance, and an African safari have in common? Author Susan St. John. She drew from her wealth of corporate and personal experiences to create a captivating first novel, “Mad Mischief.” Realizing that life itself is a journey, she used lessons and character insights from her experiences as a Vice President of Sales, securities broker, and entrepreneur to create the rich saga of a woman on a transformational African safari.

St. John spent nearly 20 years as Vice President of Sales for a major division of MCA/Universal Studios, implementing sales programs to increase attendance for The Universal Studios Tour, The Amphitheatre, the Tourmobile in Washington, D.C., and the hotel concessions at Yosemite National Park. After becoming a registered securities broker, she worked with Merrill Lynch, where she developed an innovative investment approach for high-wealth individuals in the entertainment industry. She then went on to create a very successful entrepreneurial venture providing innovative networking and marketing opportunities for a broad cross-section of businesses. No matter what industry she served, she always had a passion for providing “hands-on” and personalized experiences. Susan now resides in Montecito, California amidst an eclectic art collection gathered from her travels around the world, with a kitchen full of copper pots and pans for cooking novel gourmet dishes. Her passion for culinary masterpieces and wondrous art are very much a reflection of what she has poured into her entrancing work of fiction. This multi-faceted and unique background infuses the events in her novel “Mad Mischief” to paint a powerful portrait of a conflicted woman and an Africa we seldom see in contemporary literature.

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